by Reaver

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This ep is something I wrote/produced entirely for myself. It was a decent size investment, both financially and time-wise, and I expect no reimbursement for that. My investment was to have a small release, just for myself. The lyrics are ideas I've had for a long time and have been writing and re-writing for more than a few months, and the vocals are all recorded and performed by me. Hope you like it as much as I do.


released June 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Reaver New Jersey

Just writing music for me. Enjoy.

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Track Name: Flux
Sentience is an amazing grace
I'll do as much as i can to enjoy this place
Time after time I'll do an about face
Either way however I’m doing it at my own pace

Sometimes all i see is the black
A demon at my back reaching for the attack
Other moments though they pull
Energy throughout and color so full

If it’s not red eyes staring back from the abyss
Its god rays from the sky, illuminating bliss
All too often it’s pressing that something is amiss
How has my life come to being broken by this

If it’s not ghoul hand creeping in from darkness
My soul touched by light and luminous
Extreme duality, tug of war erroneous
I’ve been placed here its unceremonious

Let go from these shackles
Sent forth from my lungs a set of cackles
I must be lucid dreaming
By god I’m loose it’s freeing

But now the sun’s gone down
And plastered here a frown
This nightscape unappealing
I’ve lost all feeling

Shadow sneaking up from behind, a blow to the head
Bound down to the ground again, and left for dead
Its misinformation its misinterpretation
Stuck in circles of inflation deflation.

Stuck adrift in mobius travel
This uncertain path I’ve grappled
I grow and shrink
I slowly think

The flowing feeling flutters, fluctuates freely
A slowing teeming sputters evacuates feebly
However to no avail, back the darkness writhes
Nestles deep in my heart, where it feeds and thrives
Track Name: EWFA
Here lie the ruins of the ancient temple
Brought swift to the ground by earthquake tremble
Catastrophic demise brought disgraceful end
Catatonic capsize with the dirt it now blends

Inhabitants left with no home to speak of
Brick by brick, the crumble reeks of
Failure to flee left them transcendental
The shelter lain before them disassembled

By force it was ripped from its foundation
So now begins the unfortunate migration
Years upon years of hard work ruined in an instant
Tears upon tears shed filled with lament

Here lie the ruins of the ancient shrine
Brought swift to its knees it’s such a crime
Apocalyptic destruction wrought time will suspend
Intrinsic eruption may or may not have been intent

Wishing away the washing tides has no effect
When the waves themselves crash to infect
Walls with no capability to deflect
Downed the castle once here erect

Volcanic ash stashes itself on grass
And tornadoes leave trash in their path
Fissures in the land inflict their wrath
Stepping on courtyard brick causes a splash

Run for your lives run for your lives
Earth lashes back armed with knives
And its intent verges on hellbent
Defeat morphs into descent
As the homeland dies, its time here spent

Here lie the ruins of the ancient temple
Brought swift to the ground by earthquake tremble
Here lie the ruins of the ancient shrine
Brought swift to its knees it’s such a crime

Fire spreads word as lava leaks
Winds thrash violent through the streets
Tectonic shift sends balance adrift
Water fills the rifts with movements brisk
Track Name: Drive-In
Find me there at the drive in theater
I’m the one in the broken down two seater
Sitting with my back towards the screen
As if that’s the way it supposed to be
Should i really go ahead and believe
My intelligence bestowed the key
To dissociation so strong it left me
Completely lost from my personality

Find me there at the drive in theater
In the smoking steaming bimmer beater
Ive no idea what movie I’m seeing
As i stare directly into the projector beam
Once twice and thrice the people here so nice
Came to make sure I’m not frozen in ice
Yes I’m fine, a little confused but a-ok
I’m just enthused with this theatrical display

What do you mean
This lot’s been empty
Im sure it can’t be
The projectors shadows on me
It’s not even on you say
Ill disregard you with a nay
I can see it with my eyes
I know they don’t tell lies

Who then tell me please
Was it who came over here to my glass
And graced my ears with ease
I can tell you it wasn’t a ghost who passed
Who then tell me please
Asked me if I’m dead or doing alright
And came to me to squeeze
Answers out of me, for sore eyes I’m a sight

Found me here at the drive in theater
Trapped in a loop, pushing buttons for a seat heater
I think it’s broken it refuses to listen
These buttons here make no connection

Take a look at me, bold and rotten
In my seat I’ll forever linger
I can feel the cold from within
Reaching with fingers like splinters
Ice crystals forming on my skin
In this intense frigid dead of winter
Sitting dead in the driver’s seat
At this run down, god damn drive in theater