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Sentience is an amazing grace
I'll do as much as i can to enjoy this place
Time after time I'll do an about face
Either way however I’m doing it at my own pace

Sometimes all i see is the black
A demon at my back reaching for the attack
Other moments though they pull
Energy throughout and color so full

If it’s not red eyes staring back from the abyss
Its god rays from the sky, illuminating bliss
All too often it’s pressing that something is amiss
How has my life come to being broken by this

If it’s not ghoul hand creeping in from darkness
My soul touched by light and luminous
Extreme duality, tug of war erroneous
I’ve been placed here its unceremonious

Let go from these shackles
Sent forth from my lungs a set of cackles
I must be lucid dreaming
By god I’m loose it’s freeing

But now the sun’s gone down
And plastered here a frown
This nightscape unappealing
I’ve lost all feeling

Shadow sneaking up from behind, a blow to the head
Bound down to the ground again, and left for dead
Its misinformation its misinterpretation
Stuck in circles of inflation deflation.

Stuck adrift in mobius travel
This uncertain path I’ve grappled
I grow and shrink
I slowly think

The flowing feeling flutters, fluctuates freely
A slowing teeming sputters evacuates feebly
However to no avail, back the darkness writhes
Nestles deep in my heart, where it feeds and thrives


from Dichotomy, released June 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Reaver New Jersey

Just writing music for me. Enjoy.

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